We are a practice that is passionate about our patients and showcasing the skills of the physiotherapy profession. We are located in Brackenhurst, Alberton. We are part of the team at the Hyperlife clinic. The mission of the clinic is to encompass a medical team that is involved in the treatment of the patient. Physiotherapists are qualified to assess, diagnose and treatment Neuromuscular Skeletal problems. We don’t need a referral, and are trained through an intensive degree to practice independently.

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Hyperlife Clinic
80 Van Bergen Street, Brackenhurst

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Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm
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Our Practice Focus

Sport Injuries

Our name suggests that we are interested in keeping people ACTIVE. Our physiotherapists are avid athletes, and have been through the treatment process themselves. We work with a team of other medical professionals and have access to the latest equipment and treatment methodologies. This physio’s in the practice have had high level exposure to Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Cycling, running and other sports. We can advise on diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all sports injuries.

Spinal Patholgy

Physiotherapists are experts at assessment and management of all spinal pathologies. Our treatment plans consists of assessment, HANDS-ON treatment and rehabilition exercises to keep you moving. We treat acute and chronic conditions as well as post-operative spinal conditions. Ryan has also completed the OMT course which allows him to do certain manipulation techniques with his patients. Physiotherapy is really effective for people with agining spines where surgery is not an option, but pain relief and guidance on every day activties is important.


We work with a variety of surgeons who are based in the same centre. We diagnose and rehabiliate all orthopaedic injuries. This includes pre-operative,in-hospital and post operative physiotherapy. We have had exposure to all elements of the surgical process from pre-operative rehabilitation, all the way through to post operative return to normal function. We are able to treat any surgery that you may have had and will work closely will the doctor concerned. Physiotherapy is vital to regaining full function following most orthopaedic surgical procedures.

Our practice treats all neuromusculoskeletal condtions. We are excellent diagnostic practitioners

Our Staff

Nadia Butterworth - Senior Physiotherapist

14 years experience. Top 3 in the Sport Physiotherapy post Graduate course. Nadia is an avid runner. She has a special interest in chronic pain. Nadia is a qualified Stott pilates instructor and likes to use pilates in her rehabilitation of patients.

Ryan Butterworth - Senior Physiotherapist

15 Years experience.OMT (Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy) Qualified.Ryan is an avid mountain biker and has a special interest in Knee, Shoulder and ankle pathology. Ryan was involved with many sports team in his undergraduate and early post graduate years including the Springboks, Kaiser Chiefs Soccer club and the Protea Cricket Club.

Yvette Taylor - Practice Manager

Yvette is the glue the binds the practice. She makes our appointments and liases closely between the physio’s,surgeons, and patients. Yvette will take the booking, and then send you all the relevant details to complete so that you can do the admin before you arrive. She is a friendly compassionate part of the team.

Chris Keeling - Senior Physiotherapist

Chris Keeling is a new and enthusiastic physiotherapist with a passion in sport and orthopaedic rehabilitation. He graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2018; during his undergraduate studies he was involved in a variety of Pretoria based rugby clubs, the 94,7 cycle challenge, the comrades marathon and the South African Junior Summer Games. Chris is a physiotherapist who’s continued goal is to strive for a holistic approach, treatment that is focused around each individual patient and to get each individual patient moving and functioning.

All physiotherapists at Active Physio are members of the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP) and are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa